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vice◆s: official○05-17-2017

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  • een impleme○nted in these are■as, and over 7●,400 jobs h●ave been created, ◆Karanikolov said.○The presence in Bulg■aria of such a gl○obal co
  • mpany lik〓e Huawei, spoke wel●l for the country's〓 policies, he● added.Chinese Am◆bassador to Bulgaria○ Zhang Haizhou, ●who also attended t
  • h●e event, sai●d it marked ●the beginnin●g of a new stage in〓 the developm○ent of cloud te●chnologies ○in Bulgaria. Hu■awei Techn
  • ol◆ogies has been pr●esent in Bulgaria s○ince 2004,● and has been a m●ajor supplie●r for the telecom m●arket in the ◆country.Plea■se scan the Q
  • R Code◆ to follow us on ◆InstagramPlease scan● the QR Cod○e to follow us● on WechatChina's H●uawei trains Indone◆sian ICT talents○
  • through SmartGen pr■ogramChina's Huaw●ei trains Indonesian○ ICT talents th●rough SmartGen p●rogramChina's H◆uawei trains I〓ndonesian I


  • CT talen〓ts through Smart〓Gen program03-28◆-2017 07:10 BJTJA○KARTA, Marc◆h 27 (Xinhu◆a) -- China's t〓echnology firm● Huawei launched on ○Mond
  • ay its ICT (Inf◆ormation, Te◆lecommunicat●ion, Telecommunicat■ion) training● program f●or students○ in 7 of Indones◆ia's top notch state● campu
  • ses, ○aimed at boosti◆ng up compe●titiveness of■ Indonesia○n ICT talents.The l●aunching of● the program, c〓alled SmartGe●n, was officiated ■in Memorandum of Un●derstanding〓 (MoU) documen●ts between e●xe
  • cutive of ●Huawei Indonesian ●branch and seni◆or representativ○es of the ○state-run colleg〓es, witnessed b■y Chinese Ambassa●dor to Indonesi◆a Xi
  • e Feng."○Through the S●martGen pro
  • gram, yo●ung generation can● have access t


," 〓the ambassad■or said.He ad◆ded that China● now is Indonesia'●s largest tra〓ding partner f◆or 6 consecuti●ve years and ●investment from Ch●inese mainla●nd has increased by〓 a staggering of 32●4 percent to reach● 2.7 billion dollar●s, raising C◆hina from the 9th t■o the 3rd l●argest fore■ign invest

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tions Minister● Rudiantara sa●id that ICT■ developmen●t is essential in● Indonesia at prese■nt as the country is● pursuing digital t○e

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chnology-s〓upported econom〓y in the future by d■eveloping e-com◆merce basis opera○tion in most of da■ily life as●pects with 1◆80

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billion doll〓ar worth of tran●sactions were ex●pected by 2◆020."There will be 2●,000 students ta●sked to hone u◆p ICT skills in the● country and in for◆eign countries◆

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as well, incl●uding in China. Th○is is part of our e○fforts to ●catch up wit◆h digital techno■logy," the minis●ter said to add●ress the event hel●d in Indones〓ia tec

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